The Impact Of Comics Through The Ages


Comics have a very positive impact on children in many ways, including sparking their potential to be artists. Other reasons that children tend to love comics is due to their fantasy and humor in many settings. Comics provide a healthy escape from the stress of everyday life and allow the reader a way into another world that is, in some ways, similar to videogames only in videogames, the player is controlling the way that he or she affects his or her environment through the guise of character. In that way, comics are more like television shows since the reader has absolutely no control over what occurs and how the story ends.

Comic books are believed to have originated in Japan in around the 1830’s or so. However, they did not become popular in the U.S. until the Depression of the 1930’s. The circus-like Famous Fannies was the first modern comic to circulate in the U.S. They shortly evolved to superhero stories, such as that of Batman, Superman and Zorro. It was comic books that first manifested the popularity of all three of the characters above and even into the 21st century, we’re still seeing movies occasionally being made about them. The television show, Smallville, which was popular at the turn of the century, was a modern knock-off of Superman only the main character was simply known as Clark Kent and not called Superman.

The turn of the century brought us John Constantine as well as some female main characters such as Cat Woman, Elektra and a few groups such as Fantastic Four. One of the reasons why comics are still in business is probably that their stories keep up with the collective mindset of the times. Even though it was gradually shifting by then, even the 1990’s was still considered to be a somewhat male-dominated world. Now it seems that we’re seeing the opposite and as a result, it’s no longer uncommon to see heroes such as Cat Woman and Elektra. The turn of the century also brought us the popularity of Japanese Anime.

The older generations have many pleasant memories with the comics of their time. Some of today’s comics probably seem quite foreign to some individuals but most are probably very impressed with the way that comics have evolved into what they are today. Comics are basically like novels but with pictures depicting the action similar to television.